Khoa and Kim are entrepreneurs, investors, and authors of the guide book on real estate investment called "The Secret of Success From Scratch of the Millionaire Real Estate Investors" and another book titled "Maximizing Real Estate Profits Through Trustee Sales And Foreclosures." A large portion of their wealth came from real estate investments. They have various real estate investments, real estate development ventures, and property management ventures operating around the United States such as: Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, and particularly in their home state of California. Starting with the residential real estate investment back in 2000, Khoa and Kim began investing in a new home in Dublin, earning a small profit from capital gains. From then on, Khoa and Kim start launching various investments in the surrounding areas.

In 2003, after progressing with each residential real estate investment, Khoa and Kim moved into residential real estate in bulk and branching off into building their own companies to enable cash flow automation.

In mid-2003, Khoa and Kim founded the first company, Phuquy, Inc. and expanded their investment in new homes in Arizona, Nevada, and Florida.

In 2007, they established Akimax Inc., a company specializes in the purchase, sale, and management of real estate and commercial. Additionally, they opened 1st Design For Sale, Inc. to repair and decorate homes.

In 2009, they opened REI Invest, Inc., a company focusing on management fund and specialist investment in court house properties.

In addition to investing real estate and establishing successful companies, in their limited leisure time, Khoa and Kim have pursued a number of philanthropic efforts such as raising money for various charities. On top of that, they especially concentrate their focus in constructioning and/or expanding of temples and helping the homeless through the Non-Profit MahaVairocana Temple Association that was established in 2000.